Thank you for all that you do ..You are the real heroes of this country and we value every single effort to save every life.. We are sending a High Five your way to say ThanksπŸ–πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Seed germination activitiy

Grade- 2-A New year greeting cards A New Year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself....Happy New Year...

Grade 4 : English Activity : Collage Work : Self learning - best learning Learning at it's peak while garnering information . SNBP State Board Morwadi's students with their best.

Grade 4 : Activity: Making a Mini Dictionary Words are the building blocks of expression. Our young ones delved the pool of words to frame their own mini Dictionary.

Grade 1:-Animal Finger Puppets Activity

English Activity :- Paper Origami Toto -The Hen

Grade: 2 A Maths activity: Weighing machine A homemade balancing scale to know which one is heavier or lighter?

Grade: 2 A English activity: Ls: Naina’s Dream ( An aeroplane) Your wings already exist. All you have to do is FLY....

Creative hands Creative time to break the monotony of text book learning by grade 4 students.

Maker becomes taker Children of 4th Std become makers to transform into knowledge takers.

Why the clock ticks? A maths activity to answer the inquisitiveness by Class 4.A Students

Ingenuity in incubator The subtle way of acquiring knowledge by Class 4.A Students

Hindi Activity

English Activity A Surprise birthday party πŸŽ‚πŸ°πŸ§πŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

E.v.s Activity What Do I Eat

Class 4 : Maths Activity Collection of Coins And Notes πŸ‘†πŸ»

Education is a continuous process, it's like a bicycle ...If you don't pedal you will not go forward ... Here is a glimpse of little SNBPIANS who made lovely Bicycle 🚲🚲 ...


School Picnic - Funland Wagholi - STD I-VII

Field Visit IITM Pashan STD VI & VIII

Science Day Celebration

Laurels to our Achievers for the Year 2019-20

Treasure hunt (STD I-V)

Cancer Awareness Program

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park Visit

Field Visit to NDA

Farewell Party

Historical Movie "Tanhaji"

Night out Std I-V

Flash Mob at City one Mall on Republic Day


Shlok and Recitation Competition

Champions of Tommorrow

Kite Making / Flying Activity

Rising Star 2020 - Wild Card Entry Audition

Rising Star 2020 - Audition

Rising star 2020 - Wild Card Entry

Grade II Musical Instrument from BEST OUT OF WASTE

Christmas Celebration

Grade IV Holiday Project

Annual Concert Hysteria 2019-20

Guest Lecture for STD VIII-X

Seminar - Cyber Crime STD V-X

Olympiad exam 2019

English Activity Grade II

"Indrayani Swacchata Abhiyan"-Clean Indrayani Drive-Drawing Competition

Std VI A History Activity based on Janapadas & Mahajanapadas

Std VI Geography Activity based on Importance of Oceans

History Activity (Forts won by Shivaji Maharaj and Navy)VII A-B

Children's Day Celebration

Art Sonic Meet - 2019

Diwali Homework STD II

Fun Fair

Cake Making Activity STD I

Guest Lecture 9-Nov-19

Slogan competition - 7Nov19

Students are observing the presence of oxygen ang carbondioxide gas by doing candle experiment (STD IV)

English Activity STD II

Rakhi Making Activity STD II

Seminar III (Maths / English / Science ) STD I-V

World OZONE Day Drawing Competition

Activity - Best out of Waste STD I-X

English Grammer Activity STD V

Field Trip Science Park STD I - V

Field Trip Artifical paper Making Factory STD VI - IX

Post Office Visit STD I-II

Drawing Competition

Learning Fruits,vegetables and flowers-Activity STD II

Hindi Diwas 2019

National Sports Day

Janmashtami Celebration 23Aug19

STD IV English & Science Activity

Pleasure Dome 22Aug19

Spell Bee Competition

Sanskrit Day Celebration

Independence Day

Rakhi Making Activity

Patriotic Songs Competition

Invitation Card Making Activity STD VII

English Activity Role Play Grade IV

Guest lecture on " Career Guidance "

Schoolympic Matches 28JULY19

Kargil Vijay Diwas 26July2019

VII B Activity based on Our Constitution(Civics)

Grade IV - Kargil Diwas Poster making activity

Activity based on Graticule, SubGeography-STD VI A

English Activity-Grade II- Making puppy with the help of cups

Circle Time Activity - Grade IV - Puppet Making using Wheat flour dough

Puppet Making Activity Class I-X 23July19

Inauguration of New School Ground 22July19

Circle time activity - Grade II - Recycling of Old Plastic bottle to make clever seed starter

Guru Pournima Celebration by STD X

Guru Pournima Celebration Grade I

Fish Tank Activity Grade 1

Palkhi Celebration - 15July19

Field Trip Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Museum STD VIII-IX 13July19

Circle time activity Origami (Shirt making) 4July19

Circle time activity (Collage making) 6July19

Flower Making Activity with use Plastic Bottle Grade IV - 11July19

Circle time activity Class II (Flower Making) 9July19

Shlok Competition 9July19

Congregation 2019-20 (29June19)

Jigsaw Puzzles Activity Grade IV 5July19

Phoenix mall Class I-VII 8July19

Cap Making Activity Grade I - 5July19

Circle Time Activity Grade IV 3July19

Maths Activity Building Toothpick stem structures (Geometrical shapes)

Circle Time Activity Grade IV

Odyssey of Mind Activity

Felicitation of X std Students

Collage Making Activity

Yoga Day 2019

Girls are having training of Rifle shooting..

Adventurous activities :- A) Rope climbing /monkey crawling. B) Burma bridge.

Std 10th Students are having personality development session

Information of different bullets, their effective range and kargar range. (till what distance that bullet can reach)

Inspire Award winner Master Anuj lonkar from VI A ..with honorable President Ram Govind..

Scientific rangoli drawn by the students..

Annual Sports Day 2018-19

Grand Carnival Day SNBP Morwadi

Maths funfair ,puzzles Exhibition...

Maths week funfair...

.MATHS week celebration.....

Maths scholarship exam

DCP Of PCMC Namrata Patil guest Lecture for class 8,9&10th Students

Std IX field visit at water Purification centre

Student Visit to Theur ganesh temple.

Students of std X visiting at Sanjay nursery

School Picnic

Dandiya Celebration

All India Hockey Tournament

2nd Oct Swach Bharat Abhuyan

Field Visit To Tribal Museum

Picnic to White Orchid

Story telling activity std I - IV

Std III & IV craft activity

Std I - IV Doctors day celebration

Summer Camp

Science Fun- Simple Circuit Making Activity by VIII A

Maths Week Celebration Day-4 Maths Fun Fair

Maths Week Celebration. Day-2 Market Activity

Math Week Celebration Day-1 Dummy Bank

Hand wash training

Zenith educare seminar

Live jam band

Shlok chanting competition

Sur sangam

Children day celebration

Me & my dad cooking without fire

Poster making activity

Essay competition

Field trip-cricket meseum


Poetry competition

Blood donation camp in snbp

Ganesh idol making activity

Symmetry activity std-VI B

Clean India program

National Hockey Tournament

Lantern making activity

Hindi Doha competition

Hindi diwas celebration

Science quiz competition

Field trip for 4th,5th,6th


Green Ganesha making competition conducted by Times of India

Field trip

Patriotic GroupSinging Competition(10-08-2017)

Rakhi Making Competition(03-08-2017)

Guru Pournima(10-07-17)

Granth Dindi(07-07-2017)

International Yoga Day 21.6.2017

Std. X Felicitation Batch 2016-17

Field visit to science park

SNBP Artfacts

Rakhi Festival

We follow MSCERT curriculum. Our various Departments always strive to furnish it with modern con...